FB Design Website

This is a website I built for my parents' architecture firm FB Design. They needed a site to showcase their work with a few basic features, like the ability to filter projects. I designed a simple website that has just three page types, plus an about page.

Landing Page

The landing page rotates between a few images from projects, which clicking on will take you to the project page. This page is designed to immediately present a new user with projects to choose from, as opposed to a information about the firm. The idea is to put the projects before background info, which the user can choose later when they become interested by the projects they've seen.

All Projects Page

This is an index of all the available projects. They can be filtered using a dropdown, with each category being the kind of project, so that prospective clients can select just the relevant kind of projects when browsing.

Project Pages

Each project page starts with a hero image, with the project's title and a brief subtitle. I decided to create two different variations of the projcect page covers, one with a full sized image and another with an image that takes about 2/3 the width of the page. This adds some variation between the pages when browsing, so it dosen't feel too "templatey."

Scrolling down each project page reveals more images and text describing the project. The layout varies between text and image.

This is an archived page. Find recent projects on my website